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LEMI Essentials - The Foundation

Enroll in the FREE LEMI Essentials and Philosophy course, the cornerstone of all our endeavors at LEMI. Take this opportunity to delve into the world of LEMI, broaden your understanding, and get ready for upcoming training sessions. Uncover the principles and values that underpin our organization and embark on a transformative learning experience.

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Resources - Structure

During the training, you may have felt like you were “drinking from a fire hose.” However, the project-specific resources courses go even further by reinforcing everything you learned and providing additional valuable insights. These courses not only solidify your understanding but also equip you with resources that you can rely on throughout the year. Consider them as a continuous support system to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills beyond the initial training experience.


The courses mentioned are part of the training package. If you are interested in accessing these courses and have previously completed the required training, they will be available for purchase starting in August.


LEMI’s mission is centered around empowering mentors, parents, and communities. As part of this commitment, we’re excited to announce that this year, we are offering our webinars completely free of charge to all attendees. You can check out the CALENDER to see the topics. 

“THE LAW OF MENTORING - When the student is ready the mentor appears. The student's responsibility is to have eyes to see the mentor.”

Tiffany Earl


Summer Trainings!

Check out our new website for all the most up to date information about dates and locations of this year’s trainings!  If you’d like to see it in calendar format, the dates are included on our Events Page.

Come See Us at Conventions!

We will be vendors and speakers at all five of the Great Homeschool Conventions this year!  Stop by and see us!  You can see the dates/locations on our Events Page.  Registration links are included! 


Leadership Education Mentoring Institute Mission Statement

We are dedicated to promoting true educational and leadership principles that strengthen families, build communities, and provide opportunities for obtaining a leadership education for families.